How do I access this ScienceDirect article? I keep getting an error message!


We are currently experiencing technical issues accessing ScienceDirect articles from Discover and from the journal titles search results page. You can access articles from ScienceDirect by going to this database directly ( Here is how to do this.

Example: I need this article, but the full text link is broken.

To find this article in ScienceDirect, you will need the title of the journal in which the article was published. You may need the publication date, and volume and issue numbers of this journal. You can find these in the item's Discover entry, highlighted here:

1) Open your web browser in incognito or private mode. For instructions, click here:

2) Go the the Library homepage at Under "Find Resources", click on "Find Resources".

Find resources tab

3) On the left hand side, under the Refine By, select "S".

4) From the alphabetical list, select "ScienceDirect".

5) In ScienceDirect, type or paste the name of the journal in which the article was published in the "Journal/book title" field. Click search.

6) On the results page, click on "Advanced Search".

7) Type in the title of the article in the "Title, abstract or author-specified keywords" field. Click search.

8) If AU Library has access to this journal, you can open and download the PDF.


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