How can I limit my search to a particular place or geography?


Limiting your search to research that focuses on a particular place can be tricky. This is because a study or article may have been created by researchers in a particular country, but that is not about that particular country; for example, a study that is not specifically about a Canadian topic or population may have been carried out by Canadian researchers, or researchers associated with a Canadian university. There are 2 ways to limit your search:

1) Geography limiter: Many databases have a geography or location limiter in their advanced search page, or in the results page. Please note that the number of articles listed is dependent on the topic and if you don't see the location you're looking for in "show more" then there are not any in your search registered in that region.





2) Abstract Limiter: You can add a line in your search for the location you are seeking and select "abstract" from the drop down menu next to that line. This will limit to articles that discuss the particular location in the abstract which usually means it's a prominent part of the study. Learn more.

It's best to try both because depending on your search one may lend itself better than the other.

For topics like Nursing and Health Studies and Business and Government be sure to also check specific organizations because if they have research on that topic it might not be published in an academic journal and therefore not findable in library searches. You can also follow these instructions to find "grey literature" about your topic: Nursing and Business

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