How can I find book reviews?


We don't store old assignments from courses or course syllabi, so if you are looking for an examples for your assignment we recommend asking your tutor or instructor if they have any they can share as examples. 

There are a few ways to limit your search to book reviews:

1) Input a search on the topic of your choice and in the results list limit to "review" in the results list under "source type" on the left. 


Here is more info on doing that.

You may get some other types of reviews (systematic reviews, literature reviews, etc) in there, but if you put a book title in you should get most book reviews. If you click an item record in the results you should see that next to document type it says "book review":


2) You can also follow these instructions, usually if something is a book review it will say so in the title, the abstract or in the subject terms. Try searching "book review" in the title limiter:

If this was for an economics course you could try adding in a second line to focus on economics:


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